What We Do


We provide custom designed consultative and project management based solutions addressing short | long term needs for clients looking to achieve: ♦ optimized work context ♦ collaborative team alignment ♦ empowered, capable workforce ♦ consumer-centric service ♦ improved profitability ♦ optimized strategic position.

Let it be our business to help you

♦ Identify the Right: Problem/Defect | Solution/Correction | Change Management Plan

♦ Develop the Right: Product/Service | Workforce | Workflow

♦ Pursue the Right: Use of Technology | Evidenced Based Practices | Measurement Processes

♦ Select the Right: Q*A=E (Quality * Acceptance = Effectiveness)

Solutions that make a measurable difference

♦ Workflow Analysis and Design | User Integrated Technology | Workforce Development

♦ Change Design | Healthcare Team Facilitation | Culture Change Management

♦ Performance and Outcomes Measurement | Benchmarking | Data Analysis

♦ Health System → Provider → Consumer Alignment | Collaboration

♦ Strategic Planning | Business Start-Up |Transition Support

♦ Organizational Compliance as related to Employment | Compensation | HIPAA | OIG

Experience makes a difference

Are you frustrated with the plethora of information, resources and total package solutions readily available that do not solve your problem(s)?  Perhaps you tried something that seemed to work for others, but did little for your situation. More frustrating may be the lack of results following an extensive engagement with an experienced, fully vetted consultant | advisor | facilitator | coach.

From experience, we have learned that one can be an expert regarding a solution | technique | program, but that does not mean the areas of expertise will be successful solutions for your organization.

Leaders and employees are spending countless hours “going through” the latest improvement or correction solution with little gain.   In some cases the problem may be due to gaining buy-in with stakeholders, listening to the employees or not taking the solution far enough.

Based upon experience, however, the fundamental cause for the lack of results is that the organization did not get one or all of the “Rights” correct, did not adapt the solution to their organization’s situation and/or did not exercise an effective change process.