Building a Committed and Competent Workforce

Committed, competent individuals in the workforce (employee, support staff, provider) will produce consistent results when they are:

  1. Able to focus on planned activities that are value added rather than reacting to unexpected situations.
  2. Required to adhere to specific standards and a well defined work processes when completing the planned activities.
  3. Provided clear and consistent expectations regarding performance and customer service.
  4. Expected to adapt/modify process to maintain effective workflow.
  5. Required to balance speed and quality of decision making with execution
  6. Part of a work team that shares common goals and works in a coordinated fashion.
  7. Encouraged to be vigilant to find and fix problems rapidly.
  8. Provided routine, periodic feedback pertaining to their performance.
  9. Encouraged to provide suggestions for work place improvement.
  10. Able to sense there is genuine appreciation for the work/service they perform.


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